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Bomber Friends Mod Apk Overview

Bomber Friends Mod Apk :- Bomber friends is a game fun addictive game of bombing each other. It offers the best experience to play with your friends and loved ones. Bomb each other in the game and try to kill the opponent with your strategies. Amidst the killing you also have to keep a check that you are safe and try no to be killed so as to be in the game.

Bomber Friends Mod Apk

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More About Bomber Friends

Engage in real battle in the virtual frame and throw bombs on each other. It is a multiplayer challenge game, where several players are connected in a single room and the survival game begins. Bomb all your friends and be the last one to be surviving in the game to win. Eliminate your anger and stress though this game while throwing bombs and find out a fantastic way to have enjoyments. Even if you are bombed by others, then also you will still be in the game as a ghost to disturb and bring trouble to your friends while playing. Help the one you want to win and make things difficult for others.

NameBomber friends mod apk
Requires android4.0 and above
Last update on30 April 2020
Offered byHyperkani

Feature Of The Tame Bomber Friends

  • Multiplayer game
  • Throw bombs to kill others
  • Collect power-ups
  • Dead ghost to trouble
  • Campaign mode with over 300 levels
  • Classic gameplay
  • Compete online arenas
  • Watch out curses from others
  • Cool character customisation
  • Various bombs available
  • Supports almost all device
  • New challenges added
  • New clan leaderboard Available
  • Functionally addictive
  • Universal control support
  • Smooth controls and coordination

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Brief About Special Seatures

  • It is a multiplayer game that you can play with 6-8 players. Challenge your friends or play with random online players and enjoy.
  • Throw bomb with different styles and strategies and play with different ranges of bombs too
  • While playing in the game gather or collect different power ups, collect points and increase your strengths.
  • Even if you get killed in the game still you have a chance to be in the game, play as ghost and trouble other players.
  • Play in various campaign modes with over 300 different levels to achieve and each one gets harder with other.
  • Competition in online players waiting to crush or to be crushed by the bombs.
  • New challenges updates added almost every new weeks, enjoy the bomb based gaming now.
  • Stay away from curses all over, avoid getting harmed from curses of other dead players and have a smooth win.
  • Easy controls and coordination of the game makes it super friendly to play.
  • Have an access to all cool stuffs for character customization and look super trendy and shady.
  • It is a functionally addictive and fun loving game.

What All Mod Features?

  • Unlimited coins
  • All types of bombs unlocked
  • Character upgradation done
  • Easy power up to collect
  • No curse effects
  • Premium features unlocked
  • User friendly
  • Better hd visuals
  • Ad free
  • Easy to play interface
  • Improvised performances
  • Bug fixes

Brief About Mod Features

  • Enjoy the game with unlimited access to coins or money and have a blast at your Friends for this is the survival game of ultimate win.
  • Huge amount of different bomb with unique exploding criteria have been unlocked. Use each bomb at specific time of need according to the required gaming strategy.
  • You can also upgrade your character but earlier you needed to unlock every accessory to upgrade but in this version we have provided everything unlocked before hand.
  • Collect power ups and special point easily in the game and be the strongest of the players to defeat others.
  • Does not get affected by the curse of other dead players and play infinitely well till the end of the challenge.
  • Hugh hd quality visuals and graphics available in this new mod version.
  • It has easy to use interface and it is safe to play.
  • Now no more ads getting in between the playtime because this version is ad free.
  • All performance improvisation has been added recently
  • Major and minor bugs have been fixed.

How to Download Bomber Friends Mod Apk?

  • If you have already downloaded, Bomber Friends app, then first you need to uninstall it from your device.
  • Download the Bomber Friends mod apk from the link given below
  • Turn on the unknown sources”  option from your phone security settings.
  • Go to your downloads folder and start installing Bomber Friends mod apk app on your device.
  • Once it’s downloaded, you are ready to use

Download Bomber Friends mod apk here!!

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Download now from the link below..

This is an APK file so no matter if you are using a Smartphone, tablet or else you can still install it on any Android Operating based device.

Last Words:-

So this is all about bombers friends mod apk, tune in to the thrilled adventurous bombing gaming experience of all time. The latest version of the game is 3.85 and it is offered by Hyperkani.

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